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Making a fresh start after bankruptcy

The word ‘bankruptcy’ often connotes negative feelings of poor credit scores, unstable financial conditions, and a permanent blot on the credit reports. Fortunately, all these are just thoughts. Bankruptcy, in fact, offers a fresh chance to take control of your finances and prudently build your credit score.

To think that bankruptcy is filed only by irresponsible people is incorrect. Unforeseen circumstances such job loss, medical conditions, divorce, and many other life situations can alter the course of erstwhile smooth finances. Therefore, it makes absolute sense to consult a Cleveland bankruptcy attorney such as Rubinstein Law Firm to help you sort out your financial clutter. Your lawyer will show you the larger picture and help you start building your credit afresh.

Bankruptcy is not a short-cut to get rid of your debts. It is a completely legal procedure and you will need expert legal help in the form of a bankruptcy lawyer in Cleveland. Your attorney will review your financial situation and will file for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, accordingly.

If you feel you’ll lose your car or home after bankruptcy, your Cleveland bankruptcy law firm such as Rubinstein Law Firm can help you retain these assets.  Filing for bankruptcy puts an automatic stay on liquidation of these assets as they are exempt under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The foreclosure of your house is also stalled, so you can continue to keep your home. Consulting an expert bankruptcy lawyer in Cleveland will help you learn more about the benefits bankruptcy can bring to you.

Once you have hired an expert Cleveland bankruptcy attorney, you are saved from constant harassment from the creditors as all your communication is now routed through the attorney, who will settle all debt-related issues within the legal framework to your advantage. So, you can put all your stress to rest and start building a healthier relationship with your finances all over again.

Soon after filing for bankruptcy through Rubinstein Law Firm, an expert bankruptcy lawyer in Cleveland, you can start hearing from auto loan providers offering you loans to finance a car. Four months after a bankruptcy is filed, you can buy a new credit card and after a year or two, you can even look for financing for your home. It is true that bankruptcy continues to show on your credit report for as long as ten years, it, however, does not impede your financial transactions.

As soon as you get bankruptcy papers, get your bankruptcy lawyer in Cleveland to review the papers for any inaccuracies. All debts listed on the file should show closure. In case any discrepancies are spotted, your Cleveland bankruptcy law firm should immediately dispute and have these errors corrected. Since you get a chance to use your credit wisely after bankruptcy, it is prudent to periodically review your credit report and learn about the factors that affect your score. Take steps to accentuate factors that enhance your credit report.

Once the bankruptcy is discharged, gain control over your finances. Review the circumstances that brought you to this brink and avoid those mistakes. Start budgeting so you can improve your spending habits. Rely more on cash expenditures. Make only small purchases with the credit card and pay off the bills on time. This will help rebuild your credit score. Learn to save for emergencies and stay away from credit repair programs as most of them are scams. Seek expert help to rebuild your credit and life after bankruptcy from Rubinstein Law Firm, a reputed Cleveland bankruptcy law firm. Call us at (216) 539-2565 for a no-obligation consultation.

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