Making a fresh start after bankruptcy

The word ‘bankruptcy’ often connotes negative feelings of poor credit scores, unstable financial conditions, and a permanent blot on the credit reports. Fortunately, all these are just thoughts. Bankruptcy, in fact, offers a fresh chance to take control of your

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Types of Bankruptcies

A legal process that rids you or lets you repay debts is called Bankruptcy. Such filings are public records and may show up on your credit report for as long as ten years. While you may find creditors not too

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What happens to my home if I file for bankruptcy?

Foreclosures are not in anybody’s interest, whether it is the homeowner or the lender. When you file for bankruptcy, you stand a better chance of retaining your home if you can work out a fresh repayment plan with the lender;

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Welcome To Rubinstein Law Firm – Bankruptcy Attorney Cleveland, OH

Thank you for your interest in Rubinstein Law Firm – One of the most Expert & Effective Bankruptcy Attorney Cleveland. When life circumstances land you in the position where you are overwhelmed by financial pressures and you thinking about the

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Benefits of Hiring Bankruptcy Lawyer Cleveland

Financial complications are very common among most households these days. It is surprising but true that an incredible number of individuals across the globe are struggling to pay off their debts. Unfortunately, the problem never ends as the debts keep

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